How to care for F.45 Hybrid Ficus

Like any other tropical plant, F.45 Hybrid Ficus loves warmth, good air and ground humidity. It likes diffuse light but cannot stand direct sunlight or drafts.

Varieties of ficus with dark leaves can tolerate penumbra more easily than their colourful brethren. If your ficus leaves are decorated with white strokes, spots or a neat border, then this plant needs more light to keep the colour of its leaves. But still avoid direct sunlight so that it does not burn.

It needs a rather high temperature of 22 to 28 degrees in summer and a slightly lower temperature of 18 to 24 degrees in winter. If it gets cooler, the plant will lose its leaves.

The evergreen ficus F.45 Hybrid Ficus has no rest periods like other plants: It needs care, moisture, watering and feeding all year round. And in winter, when the batteries are running, the plant should be moistened, i.e. sprayed more often than in summer. You can put a water tank next to the pot if you do not have a humidifier. But you can water less often in winter – once a week or even one and a half.

At the same time, the ficus is categorically resistant to both drought and overflow. If there is not enough moisture, the leaves begin to turn yellow and fall down rapidly. And if there is frequent moisture stagnation in the pallet, the plant begins to ache with root rot. Therefore, half an hour after watering, excess water is poured out of the pallet.

In summer, don’t forget to feed F.45 Hybrid Ficus ficus once every two weeks with a complex fertiliser for ornamental deciduous crops or especially for ficus. In winter you also need it, but much less often once every 6-7 weeks.